Work vs. Job

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Cual es la diferencia entre las palabras ‘work’ and ‘job’?

What’s the Difference between ‘Work’ and ‘Job’?

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  • ‘Job’ is a noun, ‘Work’ is a verb:

‘What’s David’s job?’

‘He works in a shop.’

(‘To work’ also means ‘To function’: “My mobile isn’t working.”)

  • ‘Work’ is also a noun. This is the problem:

“My work is very difficult = I’ve got a difficult job”

  • So what’s the difference between ‘job’ (noun) and ‘work’ (noun)?

JOB is what you are – it’s your profession. (I’m a fireman)

WORK is what you do (I put out fires, and rescue cats in trees)

Sometimes you have a lot of WORK, but you only have one JOB.

WORK is uncountable: “Is there much work? I’m looking for (some) work…”

(If you use WORK as a countable noun it means ‘Obra’: Roadworks, Works of Art….)

JOB is countable: “I’m looking for a job. There aren’t many jobs in this company…”

  • ..but there are other things you have to know:

WORK is sometimes your place of work: “I’m going to work.” “I’m leaving work”. In the same way, you start work at 9 o’clock and finish work at half past five.

JOB is similar to ‘a project’ or ‘things I have to do’:

“I’m busy this Saturday. I’ve got some jobs to do at home; painting, cutting the grass…”


  • If you want to ask somebody, you can say:

‘What do you do (for a living)?’

‘What’s your job?’

‘Where do you work?’

‘What company/Who do you work for?’

  • Ready? Try these questions:

Choose ‘WORK’ ‘JOB’ or ‘JOBS’ for each sentence:

  1. What’s your ______?
  2. I can’t stop! I’m late for _______!
  3. I love my ______ even though I complain sometimes.
  4. When I came back from holidays there was so much ______ to do I regretted going!
  5. Have you found any _______?
  6. Have you found a _______ yet?
  7. I was going to watch the match with my mates when my wife reminded me I had a _____ to do.
  8. You don’t have to include all your ______ in a CV if they’re not related.

Some Notes, and then the answers:

  • ‘Good job’ has two meanings

My son has a very good job.

Good job we left early- there’s so much traffic! (= Menos Mal)


HOMEWORK is the exercises your teachers give you. HOUSEWORK are the things you have to do at home (cooking, cleaning, washing clothes….). They are uncountable (Not: ‘HouseworkS’)


(1. job 2. work 3. job 4. work 5. work 6. job 7. job 8. jobs)