Police and Criminals

Police and Criminals

Audio text, with answers:

Victim: Inspector – I want to report a theft.

Policeman: Of course. Tell me what happened.

V: I was waiting for a bus. It was raining, and there were three other people at the bus stop…

P: Yes?

V: …and when the bus came I took some money out of my handbag. When I got on the bus I saw there was no money in my handbag. Somebody stole it!

P: We have to fill in this crime report form. I am Inspector Stephens. Can I have your name please?

V: Yes. It’s Jayne Quirky.

P: Is that J – A – N – E?

V: No; J – A -Y -N – E.

P: And can you spell Quirky?

V: Q – U – I – R – K – Y.

P: …..and a contact number.

V: Yes – 937 524 816.

P: OK, so when did this happen?

V: In Dover, just in front of the shopping centre.

P: At the bus stop?

V: That’s right.

P: What time did it happen, more or less?

V: I was waiting for the 4:35 bus.

P: What did they steal?

V: Just money.

P: How much?

V: Between 35 and 40 pounds.

P: Who stole the money? Who do you think it was?

V: There were 2 people: One was young – about 17 or 18 years old, tall, and he had short brown hair.

P: OK, and the other person?

V: He was older. I didn’t see him very well, but he had a hat, some sunglasses and a beard.

P: Sunglasses, and it was raining?

V: That’s right.

P: Who saw you? Were there any witnesses?

V: There was a young lady with straight hair. I don’t know if she saw anything.

P: OK. We are going to look in our computer for these descriptions and we will tell you something on Monday, OK?

V: OK – thank you, officer!


Police Officer: Inspector Stephens (Stevens is OK)

Name of Victim: Jayne Quirky

Contact number: 937 524 816

Date / Time of Incident: 4:30 – 4:35 (more or less) no date.

Place of Incident: At the bus stop in front of the shopping centre, in Dover.

Items stolen: 35-40 pounds

Suspects:  One was young – about 17 or 18 years old, tall, and he had short brown hair. The other was older.He had a hat, some sunglasses and a beard.

General Information: One witness – a young lady with straight hair.

Next action: Look in police computer for descriptions- Police will tell victim something on Monday.


Now, the answers to the writing exercise:


Police: Hello Jayne. Thank you for coming.

Jayne: Not at all – Thank you for phoning. Do you have any news?

Police: Yes, we have the suspect in our cells now.

J: How did you find the thief?

P: First we looked in our files on the computer. We saw that the man you described has a history of theft…

J: The man with the sunglasses? I thought it was him!

P: He was a pickpocket and shoplifter, nothing serious. He was in prison seven years ago, for about three months. We went to ask him some questions….

J: And?

P: He’s blind, Miss Quirky – he can’t see! It wasn’t him. He went blind three or four years ago. That’s why he was wearing glasses.

J: So it was the other boy? I knew it!

P: No, Miss Quirky. We have no evidence against the other boy. He has no police record – he is a student at university and there is no reason to think that he was the person who stole your money.

J: In that case, who was it? Who do you have in the cells?

P: The person we have in the cells is Miss ‘Quickfingers’ Jones. I’m sure she is the thief. She is responsible for half of the thefts in town.

J: So, is she going to court?

P: No, unfortunately we have no evidence. We have to let her go free.

J: What? You aren’t going to do anything???

P: No. We can’t do anything. It’s not so easy, Miss Quirky.

J: In that case, I’m going to steal my 40 euros from this Miss ‘Quickfingers’ myself!