Personality Adjectives

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This exercise has been taken from my reading and activity book – ‘Aethelflaed and the Rock Star’ (Red) – for learners of English, available on Amazon in digital and paperback version from $3,50 / €2,99 on Amazon. You can also buy the first book from 0,99.

Read about each character’s personality and choose the adjective. There is one left over:

Crafty; Quick-tempered or Hot-tempered; Stubborn; Charming; Wise; Absent-minded; Spoilt; Fussy; Bossy; Mild-mannered or Easygoing; Messy; Lively or Tireless.

  1. Ayaan is Davingstock’s golden boy; He gets on with practically everybody, always knows what to say and how to act. Everybody agrees that it’s a pleasure to be in his company!
  2. Natalia is what my mother would say ‘full of beans’. I don’t know how she fits everything into one day – she studies, works, does the chores and still has time to meet up with friends!
  3. Dean is a bit of a contradiction. He’s always spotless – not a hair out of place. But if you walk into his bedroom it’s as if a herd of cattle had been set loose in it. Everything strewn on the floor, falling out of the wardrobe…
  4. Samantha is really nice to be with, but there’s one thing about her that gets on everybody’s nerves – Everything has to be exactly as she wants; there can’t be any onion or tomato in the food, the clothes have to be folded just so… it’s too much!
  5. Anyone who thinks that dogs are noble and loyal hasn’t met Heidi. She’ll eat your food when you’re not watching. If it’s raining, she’ll start limping or act ill to get out of walking. Outside shops she starts whining so that people feel sorry for her and give her a treat.
  6. Squeaky had a leg cut off by a high-speed train. Since then, he spends his time looking for the most comfortable places to sleep. He never gets into arguments with anyone, even though Heidi and Budgie try to wind him up*.
  7. Budgie starts shouting “Morning!” when he feels that it’s time for everyone to get up. When he wants something he chirps repeatedly “Lettuce!” until someone gives him a treat. In the end he always gets his own way. Only Heidi dares to stand up to him!
  8. Moonzip has been given everything he wants since the day he was born, and he has never had to do anything to deserve it. That’s why he can be very rude and bad-mannered, because nobody’s ever told him off for anything. It’s his parents’ fault, really.
  9. Aethelflaed is pretty relaxed and easygoing, but once she gets her teeth into something she won’t let it go. Do you remember when the town trophy disappeared**? She wasn’t going to give up until it was found.
  10. Athelstan is a nice kid. People say he’s a bit of a nerd, but nobody bullies him because when he loses his cool everybody takes cover. He practically explodes!
  11. You wouldn’t say that Alfred was particularly intelligent – he isn’t a brilliant mathematician, but he seems to understand people perfectly, and knows what to do in each situation.
  • * To wind (somebody) up = Irritate somebody on purpose.
  • ** ‘Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy’ (0,99 on Amazon, or Subscribe to get a free sample)

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