Indirect Instructions and Commands

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Indirect Instructions and Commands

Look at these two sentences:

I want to buy some bread = Quiero comprar pan

I want you to buy some bread = Quiero que tu compres pan

And with the same logic:

I told him to buy (some) bread = Le dije que comprase pan

I told him not to buy (any) bread = Le dije que no comprase pan


SUBJECT (I/You/Sarah/They) + VERB (told/will ask/want) + OBJECT (me/him/them/John) + (not) TO + VERB (go/speak….)


How do you say…

1. Ellos me dijeron que me sentase

2. Nosotros le pedimos que se quedara

3. Yo le recomendé que no fumara

4. Me gustaría que tu vinieras

5. Te aconsejo que no digas nada


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Answers below!

1. They told me to sit down 2. We asked him to stay 3. I recommended him not to smoke 4. I’d like you to come 5. I advise you not to say anything