(Listening) Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

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yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Today we are going to learn how to cook an essential part of Britain´s most traditional dish- Sunday Roast.
Sunday Roast is not Sunday Roast if it doesn’t have Yorkshire Pudding- quick, easy and delicious to make, originally a poor man’s supplement to pad out the meal- Now the Queen has it on her table!

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Start by making a list of the ingredients:

115g _________ __________
__________ eggs
splash of ____________

Wooden spoon
Baking tin


1. What do you do with the eggs?
2. When should you stop beating the egg-flour mix?
3. What type of milk do you have to add? And how much water?
4. What old wives’ tale does the cook insist is not true?
5. What different types of oil can be used to make Yorkshire Puddings?
– Beef dripping
-_____________ fat
-_____________ fat
-_____________ oil
6. What 2 different options of oven temperature are you given? What does it depend on?
7. What mustn’t you do?
8. How long do the Yorkshire Puddings take to cook?

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