Answers: How to Talk- Asking and Offering

Exercise 1:

Customer: Waiter! Could I have a beer? / I´ll have….. /  I´d like ……. a beer

Waiter:   What would you like? Lager)? Bitter?

Customer: I’d prefer…/ I´d rather …./ I´ll have….. /  I´d like….. a bitter.

Waiter: Would you like me….. to get anything else?

And now another conversation between a husband and wife:

Husband:  I´d like you to cook dinner!

Wife:  I´m afraid I can’t! I have to study English- Would you mind doing it?

Husband:  Would you like / rather / prefer fish or pasta? Shall I cook fish or pasta?

Wife:     I´d like fish, and would you like me to cook tomorrow?

Exercise 2:

Jack:     Hi, Steve- Would you like to come to the beach this Saturday? I hope(=espero) you don’t mind getting up early.

Steve:    That sounds great! Thanks!

Jack:     Not at all!

Steve:    Would you like me to …. take something? Some food, maybe?

Jack:     How about….Would you mind…. making some sandwiches?

Steve:    OK! And  Shall I….  / Would you like me to …. take (=llevar) some drinks?

Jack:     Great idea: And listen- I´m on the dole (=desempleado) .I was wodering if you could pay (=pagar) half of the petrol.

Steve:    No problem!

Jack:     Thanks a lot-  Shall I….  / Would you like me to …. get you a drink?

Steve     Don´t bother – I have to get home!