Word Games

Word Games

Spell, Make, Rearrange and Guess words and sentences. There are many classics like Hangman, and others that will give you a surprise- Some are good for beginners, but others will test the best!


Word Tiles

A Game that tests your vocabulary as you try to form words with letter blocks..

Simple Sentences

Practica tu Inglés formando frases sencillas con este divertido juego para principiantes.


También para principiantes. Encuentra las parejas de adjectivos para mejorar su vocabulario.


A wonderful game from Cambridge is designed for Young Learners of English at A2 level, but can give a few surprises to any adult. Different activities at different levels- fun and very educational!

Monkey Puzzle

Practica tu Inglés con este divertido juego. Vale para preparar examenes YLE de Cambridge, o simplemente mejorar tu Inglés. Niveles A1/A2- Empieza facíl- pero no te fíes!

Academy Island

Another game from Cambridge to make grammar fun! More difficult than Funland or Monkey Puzzle, this tests you on practically everything- Nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives. Have a walk around the Island!


The Classic Guessing Game! The better your English, the quicker you will solve the sentences. Each sentence is more difficult.

Letter Blocks

Rearrange the Letters to form a word- It’s more difficult than it sounds!