‘Who are you?’ Celebrity Game (Teachers’ Free pdf.)

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This can be used for different levels and in many different ways. The students will probably have to know the Present Perfect (‘He has won the Nobel Peace Prize’). It’s also a good way of practising the Passive (‘She is considered……’ or ‘He was discovered on YouTube’)

  • Divide class into groups and give them (for example) 12 points each. Explain that they will be given the following information, but they can also talk about what they know and also the physical description:
  • Information: Nationality – Residence – Family & Relationships – Job – Awards or Claim to Fame
  • One group takes a character and each of the others ask one ‘YES/NO’ question. Each question is one point less – The group that guesses correctly wins 5 points.

Another idea:

  • The student/group takes one card and chooses/explains 2 pieces of information. Then the other students ask her/him about the person. You can disallow questions which are too obvious (‘What sport does she play?’), and could even tell them to ask using the word ‘have’ or ‘by’ or something like that.

I’ll shut up, because I’m sure you’ll think of something better, anyway!

The pdf. is 4 pages (12 celebrities) + one blank for the students (or you) to do your own thing. The link is below.

Who are you? Celebrity Game .pdf