What are they doing? Teachers’ pdf. (80+ questions)

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Free pdf. for teachers; Notes with more than 80 questions for your English Classes; Present Simple + Clothes. Simply download, copy and use in class!

Pdf. below!

There are some questions which have more than one answer. For example:

  • Jason is laughing and Jason is crying.
  • Li is waiting and Li is drinking.
  • The librarian is reading and the librarian is carrying towels.

I’ve divided the class up into groups and turned it into a quiz competition with the questions on the sheet. In another class, just to reinforce what we’ve learnt, I’m going to use it as a colouring sheet (similar to the Cambridge YLE exams).

Just in case you were wondering:

  • Mr. Brand is riding a bike
  • Samantha is driving a car
  • Cindy is getting on a bus

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What are they doing? pdf.