Answers: Jobs

Jobs (homework)
Recuerda que puedes comprobar la pronunciación pinchando dos veces en cualquier palabra-


Hairdresser = Peluquero
Receptionist = Recepcionista
Fireman = Bombero
Electrician = Electricista
Cook = Cocinero
Architect = Arquitecto
Bus Driver = Conductor de Autobus
Carpenter = Carpintero
Pilot = Piloto (de aviones sólo)
Accountant = Contable
Secretary = Secretaria
Photographer = Fotografo
Reporter = Reportero
Postman/woman = Cartero/a
Fisherman = Pescador
Miner = Minero
Fishmonger = Pescadero
Driving Instructor = Profesor de Autoescuela
Dressmaker = Costurero
Baby-sitter = Niñero
Housewife = Ama de casa
Bodyguard = Guardespaldas


S/he goes to school every day, but doesn´t learn anything! TEACHER
S/he wears a uniform, watches traffic and catches criminals. POLICE OFFICER
This person rescues cats in trees, and sometimes stops fires. FIREMAN
S/he doesn´t have holidays, but works all year, driving, feeding…. FARMER
This person sells food, clothes, toys…… SHOPKEEPER
S/he isn´t a doctor, but s/he works in a hospital. NURSE
S/he builds a house, but then s/he doesn´t live there. BUILDER
This person takes letters to people´s houses. POSTMAN
S/he takes people in a car to hospital, to the station, ……. TAXI DRIVER
S/he flies, but hasn´t got any wings. PILOT
She hasn´t got a job, but works very hard HOUSEWIFE
A doctor who looks after animals. VET
His/her job is to learn. STUDENT