1: He has been singing FOR TWELVE YEARS, since he was seven years old.

2: Mark has been living in London SINCE FEBRUARY. He bought a house in the Richmond area of the capital.

3: He HAS JUST seen Brian Clacton, his favourite singer. They crossed when Mark was coming into the studio and Brian was leaving. It was

4: Mark first became famous with the boyband ’29K’. Although they have split up*, he STILL TALKS to his bandmates. He can’t go to Kevin’s birthday party, unfortunately.

5: Even though he is 19 years old, Mark HAS ALREADY had a number 1 single and a number 1 album in the UK, although he hasn’t had a no. 1 in the USA YET. He would love to win a ‘Brits’ award, too.

6: He thinks he’s STILL too young to get MARRIED. He only started going out with his current girlfriend ONE YEAR AGO.


MARY: Hi Sarah – how are you doing? I haven’t seen you FOR such a long time!

SARAH: Hi Mary. Yes, I don’t think we’ve seen each other SINCE your brother’s wedding. What have you BEEN doing?

MARY: Working, basically! I’ve FOUND another job in a different company, here in Canterbury.

SARAH: When was that? How LONG have you been working for them?

MARY: I began two months AGO.

SARAH: So you’ve JUST started? I thought you were STILL working in London! I’m looking for work myself, you know.

MARY: Are you? You should talk to Robert. He can give you some advice.

SARAH: I haven’t seen him YET.

MARY: But you’ve ALREADY finished at university? I thought you were STILL studying.

SARAH: I finished LAST June. I’ve been looking around for work SINCE then.

MARY: Have you EVER worked? For a company, I mean – earning a salary?

SARAH: Not in business, no. I’ve had a few jobs. I was working in a restaurant FOR a year, I’ve worked on a farm DURING the summer, things like that…

MARY: Well, we have to meet up more often. What are you doing FROM Christmas to New Year?

SARAH: Hasn’t Matt told you YET? I think he’s booked a country hotel, and we’re all invited!

MARY: Well he hasn’t invited me, and I’ve JUST seen him!

SARAH: Oops!