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1. You watch this programme on television if you want to know what is happening in the world. ANSWER = THE NEWS.

2. A film or a documentary which talks about a person’s life. ANSWER = BIOGRAPHY.

3. A programme – not usually very serious – where the TV presenter talks to a celebrity. ANSWER = CHAT SHOW.

4. A film set in 19th century USA. ANSWER = WESTERN.

5. A film or programme set in the future, or with aliens, for example. ANSWER = SCI-FI.

6. After the news, a very useful (sometimes depressing) 5-minute programme which gives you an idea what to do the next day. ANSWER = WEATHER FORECAST.

7. The cast have to sing in this film. ANSWER = MUSICAL.

8. A funny TV series, about a family and its problems (for example). ANSWER = SITCOM.

9. 5-minute breaks between, or during a TV programme. ANSWER = ADVERTS.

10. A film which is scary, but because of suspense – not a horror film. ANSWER = THRILLER.