Verbs that look like Nouns

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Verbs that look like Nouns:

“A fly can’t bird, but a bird can fly” – Winnie the Pooh

‘Bird’ is a noun, but ‘fly’ is a noun and verb- one of the best-known ones.

Look at these sentences: What does the verb mean?


Stop mothering me- I’m not stupid! 

He nursed her back to health

He headed the ball out of defence

Head towards the church and it’s on your left

Can you water the flowers while I’m on holiday?

I have to milk the cow

This land was farmed by the first inhabitants

The man handed John a packet

Joanne carefully placed the mobile on the desk

He´s going to fire (or, sack) me

Do you know?

(To mother = Overprotect
To nurse = Look after a sick person
To head = In football, to use your head to score, defend or pass
To head = Go towards/in the direction of somewhere
To water = Pour water on plants or flowers
To milk = To take milk from the cow
To farm = To work the land
To hand = Give
To place = Put
To fire/sack = Remove somebody from their job



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