Verb + Preposition

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Verb + Preposition.

Complete the sentence with a preposition:

1. In your opinion, what does happiness depend ______ ?
2. What things do you and your friends find hard to agree _____ ?
3. Who was the last person you shouted _____ ?
4. What do you insist _____ doing before going on holiday?
5. Do you believe ____ paranormal activity or presence, things like ghosts or spirits?

6. If you were in a difficult situation, who would you rely ____ ?
7. Have you ever taken part _____ a marathon?
8. Have you ever had to apologise ____ your behaviour?
9. What aspects of your life would you most like to focus _____ , if you had more time?
10. I find it difficult to concentrate _____ what I’m doing in hot weather – what about you?

11. What kind of life do you hope _____ in 10 or twenty years time?
12. Where do you dream ____ going when you are ironing shirts or on the bus going to work?
13. Would you mind paying ____ my coffee?
14. If you saw your first love in the Street, would you smile ____ him or her?
15. If you could choose your death, what would you like to die ____ ?


NOTE 1: A verb that follows a preposition must be in gerund form, except with ‘to’:

What are you thinking OF calling the baby?
I happen TO know the name of the man who attacked you

NOTE 2: The rule above is suspended for 3-part phrasal verbs with ‘to’:

I look forward to hearing from you.
I can’t get used to waking up early.

NOTE 3: The preposition can depend on the context of the sentence:

He apologised TO me FOR insulting my family.
I applied TO the company FOR the post of Marketing Director.
I wasn’t laughing AT you, I was laughing WITH you!
You remind me OF my brother. Remind me TO introduce you to him.



(1. on 2. on 3. at 4. on 5. in 6. on 7. in 8. for 9. on 10. on 11. for 12. of 13. for 14. at 15. of)