Usos y traducción de ‘Settle’ (Settle in, down,on…)

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Here’s another word with a lot of meanings. Basically, ‘to settle’ means ‘to establish oneself’, but behind this vague definition there are many uses. We’ve already seen in the first book (‘Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy’) about the Vikings that settled in the British Isles. That’s probably the most calssical use of the word, but you can also use it to talk about the snow. It needs to snow a lot for it to settle on the ground.

The following exercise and examples come from my book ‘Aethelflaed and the Rock Star’ (Red), available on Amazon as e-book or paperback:but let’s look at some more examples from the story:


  1. People thought that the local rock star was going to settle down and get married.
  2. When Aethelflaed went to the Rock Star about looking after his son, he told her that it was all settled on his side.
  3.  Athelflaed had settled on an idea about the boy (Moonzip) and then had to change it.
  4.  Aethelflaed’s father was settled in the armchair.
  5. In the end Aethelflaed settled on ‘Take Me to the River’ for the first singing audition.
  6. Moonzip really settled into life in Davingstock. He didn’t miss Beverly Hills.
  • Which one means:
    1. To make a decision (2 examples)
    2. To adapt to a new environment (a new job, for example)
    3. To be comfortable
    4. To have a quieter, more sedate life with a family, regular job….
    5. To have a set opinion about something.


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