Uses of ‘STICK’: ¿Como se usa y que significa?

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This word is very common in everyday English. Generally it means (as a verb: STICK – STUCK – STUCK) ‘to glue something’, but it is difficult for non-native speakers because it has many more meanings and uses. The following exercise and examples come from my book ‘Aethelflaed and the Rock Star’ (Red), available on Amazon as e-book or paperback:

1. At the beginning of the story Aethelflaed was feeling stuck.
2. When people say it’s humid, they mean that the weather is hot and sticky.
3. Although Samantha’s parents were very successful, they weren’t stuck up.
4. In the restaurant Aethelflaed asked if she should stick chilli pepper in the food.
5. When the Italians ordered, Aethelflaed thought it was better to stick to English food.
6. Aethelflaed told her brother that there was no point sticking around.
7. Aethelflaed stuck her face into Moonzip’s when they were arguing.
8. She stuck to Sam Cooke’s original version of ‘A Change is Gonna Come’.
9. Hops are a type of leafy plant that grow on a long pole or stick.

Which of the above sentences have these meanings?

a) A long thin round piece of wood (like a walking stick).
Number(s): _______

b) Not going anywhere, stay in the same place.
Number(s): _______

c) Arrogant, conceited.
Number(s): _______

d) Put something somewhere (semi-colloquial). Example: ‘Where shall I put this?’ ‘Oh, just stick it on the table.’
Number(s): _______

e) Continue. Example: ‘My job’s awful. The boss hates me.’ ‘Stick with it until you find something better.’
Number(s): _______

f) Something with a gluey or damp texture.
Number(s): _______


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