UK vs US English

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UK vs US English

These words are used in US English. Do you know their British English equivalents?

1. Highway

2. Eraser

3. Elevator

4. Garbage

5. Cookie

6. Closet

7. Mall

8. Truck

9. Sidewalk

10. Chips

And now, the other way round! These are British words- What would an American say?

11. Toilet

12. Garden

13. Shop

14. Nappy

15. Trainers

16. Autumn

17. Trousers

18. Wash your hands

19. Petrol

20. Chips



Other differences between American and British English:


UK: Traveller, Signalling, Cancelled…

US: Traveler, Signaling, Canceled…


UK: Centre, Theatre, Metre

US: Center, Theater, Meter….


UK: Colour, Favourite, Neighbour….

US: Color, Favorite, Neighbor…..


UK: Organisation, Realise, Recognised….

US: Organization, Realize, Recognized….

For Academic use you can use both British or American English, but it is considered incorrect to combine them.
“I’m traveling to my favourite city” or “I’m travelling to my favorite city” is a mistake.

I am English. In this website you will mostly read British English.

(1.Motorway-2.Rubber-3.Lift-4.Rubbish-5.Biscuit-6.Wardrobe-7.Shopping Centre-8.Lorry-9.Pavement-10.Crisps-11.Restroom-12.Yard-13.Store-14.Diaper-15.Sneakers-16.Fall-17.Pants-18.Wash up-19.Gas-20.Fries)