The Preposition Class! (Verb / Noun / Adj. + Preposition)

Number 61 of 74 in B2 - UPPER-INTERMEDIATE

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Welcome to one of every English learner’s biggest headaches – Prepositions! There’s no rule, only practice; Read the questions, then click ‘START’ (below) and write a preposition (if necessary).

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1. What’s your reason ________ learning English?
2. What does your happiness depend _______?
3. If you could choose anybody, who would you marry _______?
4. Do you believe ________ aliens?
5. What do you find difficult to concentrate / focus _________?
6. What wouldn’t you like to die _________ or suffer ___________?
7. What don’t you like spending / wasting money _________?
8. What about you most reminds others ________ your mum or dad?
9. If somebody else had to do your job, what would you most insist ______?
10. Tell us about an event you have taken part ________.
11. What animal are you most afraid ________ or disgusted ________?
12. What activity are you best, or hopeless ________?
13. Where are you thinking ________ going on your next holiday? Why are you interested _________ this place?
14. Robots and automation will lead _________ a fall / decline _______ employment. What’s your answer / solution _________ this problem?
15. And one more question:
PAY _____________ A COFFEE?
PAY _____________ THE WAITER?


Now click ‘START’ and write the preposition. If no preposition is needed, write ‘NO’.