Telephone Calls

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How to make phone calls in English     Telephone Calls

Phone = Call = Ring = Give somebody a ring = Give somebody a bell

Informal phone calls

John is phoning his friend Simon’s house. He wants to invite him to the cinema.


C = Caller, the person who is phoning (John)

R = Receiver, the person who answers the call (Simon, or his sister Patricia)


R. Hello?

C. Is that……..?


R. Yes, it is. Who´s calling / that ?

C. It’s me, John. How are you doing? I was wondering if you felt like going to the cinema tonight- there’s a really good film on.


R. No, he´s out at the moment. Can you call back later?

C. When will he be back?

R. I’m not sure. Do you want me to tell him to call you?



OK, I know that with messages this type of thing doesn’t happen so much, but you never know…  🙂

Formal / Business phone calls

 Now you want to speak to Andrea, who works in an Estate Agent’s:


R. Riches Estate Agents. Can I help you?

C. Could I speak to …….. please?


Now, Match the Receivers answer with the definitions below:

1. Hold on, please- I´ll put you through.

2. Speaking!

3. I’m afraid she’s out  – Would you like to leave a message?

4. I’m afraid she’s off – Would you like me to give her a message?

5. I’m afraid she’s  away – Shall I leave her a message from you?


A – It’s Andrea. In an informal call, she would say ‘It’s me!’

B – She’s on a trip today, probably travelling for business reasons.

C- It’s not Andrea- she’s in the other office next door.

D- She’s not working today- maybe she’s sick, or on holiday…

E- Andrea’s having a coffee or has gone out for half an hour.





(1c 2A 3E 4D 5B)