Teachers’ Material: Quiz Competition (Revision)

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Photocopiable Class Quiz Competition

Use this quiz to liven up your classes at the end of the school year, and practise some grammar at the same time! Present, Past, Future, Conditionals, Comparatives/Superlatives, Relative Clauses, Interrogative Pronouns, Vocabulary…


1. Download the pdf. (below)

2. Divide the class into two groups. Give them 10 minutes (?) to write the missing word (or part of the word) in each question.

3. When everyone is ready, get Team A to ask question 1 to Team B, then vice versa.

4. 1 point per correct question, 1 point each correct answer. (There are many more ideas to make this more interesting – give them toy money and get them to bet on the answer before answering. That way they tend to discuss the answer among themselves.)

5. Numbers 16, 17 & 18 – get them to think of a question themselves.

6. The answers to the questions are on each sheet. The gaps in the questions are:

Team A –
1. …est 2. does/did 3. ….ger 4. come/are 5. does 6. would 7. spoken/used 8. whose 9. many 10. their 11. Who 12. did 13. was 14. will 15. has/have

Team B-
1. has 2. …est 3. will 4. does 5. be 6. there 7. were 8. …ger 9. was 10. written 11. would 12. do/will 13. grow 14. …ier 15. who

Upper Intermediate Class Quiz.pdf