Teacher’s Material: Past Bingo

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This class is aimed at improving students’ knowledge of the past simple forms of verbs. Make your classes more interesting and help your students learn the Past Simple Forms of regular and irregular verbs.

You can use it in different ways, although it is basically a bingo:

  • The teacher (or a student) can read the past forms, while the students cross out the present forms.
  • When a student has a vertical or horizontal line, he changes papers with the ‘reader’and reads the past forms. As the game progresses there will be more and more changes between students. Many will have a different piece of paper than the one they had at the beginning.
  • For more advanced groups, tell them to make a sentence instead of simply reading the verb.
  • Explain that the past form is the same; It does not matter if the verb has ‘-s’ in the present tense: ‘Went’ is the past of both ‘Go’ and ‘Goes’.  This sometimes causes confusion, but I have included 3rd person forms of the present so that they understand this.