(Listening) Surfing Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Number 5 of 81 in B1 - PRE-INTERMEDIATE

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Check out this video on the basic rules of surfing and then answer the questions below:

1. If there is an accident in the water, whose fault is it, according to Law?

2. What does the speaker suggest you do when you are surfing out into the water?

3. Who has priority to catch a wave (put three in order of priority):

4. What, specifically, is a peak in surfing?

5. What should you do if, having caught a wave, you see that you don’t have priority?

Idea for Writing:
Think of an activity and write some instructions on what people must- or should – do. A sport, painting, learning a language, or an aspect of a job or hobby you have.

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