Summer Songs Special: Teacher’s pdf.

Number 78 of 81 in B1 - PRE-INTERMEDIATE

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Hello Teachers!

I’ve got a great activity for your classes when it gets warm and your students are in no condition to think about the passive voice or reported speech.

You have to get these songs from youtube or wherever. These are the answers:

A) JOE COCKER ‘Summer in the City’ = Pop/Rock 1994

  1. dirty
  2. match
  3. Despite
  4. pity

B) THE CHAINSMOKERS ‘Paris’ = Electronica 2017


  1. proud
  2. frown
  3. breathe
  4. getting
  5. away

C) THE RAMONES ‘Rockaway Beach = Punk 1977

  1. reach
  2. roof
  3. concrete

D) RASTAMOUSE ‘Hot Hot Hot’ (From a children’s show on the BBC) = Reggae 2012

  1. fresh
  2. shine
  3. join
  4. clap

(There is some Jamaican colloquialism in this song: ‘da’ = ‘the’)

E) BILLIE THE VISION & THE DANCERS ‘Summercat’ = Folk 2004

  1. close
  2. forget

F) ELLIE FITZGERALD ‘Summertime’ = Jazz 1968

  1. living
  2. easy
  3. good-looking
  4. spread


What I do with this class to provoke more interest is to make them guess – before listening – which song goes with which style of music/year. They will probably guess B) Electronica (2017), so you could start with that, instead of going in order.

You could also write these questions on the board and turn it into a Comprehension exercise:

In which song(s):

  1. Is the singer travelling by car? (C = Bus ride is too slow/We can hitch a ride)
  2. Is the singer complaining about the heat? (A = Sidewalk hotter than a match head/It’s a pity the days can’t be like the nights..)
  3. Is the singer trying to console a friend? (D = Your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-looking…so don’t you cry)
  4. Does the singer consider themselves to be the centre of attention? (B = They’ll say that I was clever…)
  5. Does the singer imply the end of a relationship? (E = You’ll forget about me when I’m on that plane…)




I hope you find this useful!