Spot the Difference Christmas Game (for Teachers)

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It’s Christmas! Time to wind down, relax a bit in class, but still get the best out of your students. I’ve got a Spot the Difference game for English (ESL/EFL) teachers to downoad free in pdf. Not very original, but very effective – like all the old classics.

I’m not going to tell you how to use it – I’m sure you’ve got far better ideas than I have! I’ll just tell you what I usually do:

I’m going to put the students into pairs and giive them 30 – 40 seconds to look at one of the pictures, then another 30 – 40 seconds with the next. Then they have to tell me one difference each to get a point. After one round, another (shorter) period to look at the first picture, until they can’t tell you anything else.

I want to use colour photocopies, but (as you know) they’re expensive, so I’m going to put them on card and cover them with plastic, to use with different classes.

Here are the answers. I’ve tried to include some which will make the students use comparatives (‘The penguin is bigger’ or ‘The reindeer is darker’) and prepositions (‘The snowman is in front of the lamp post’ and ‘The presents are under the sleigh’).

The pdf. is below. Download for free. As always, I’d just like to ask you not to touch the logo and to spread the word, too!)