Speaking (Exam) Practice

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Prepare for a Presentation or a Speaking Exam, or simply practise your Spoken English. Watch the videotutorial, get the pdf. and then SPEAK! Record your own Monologue and I will correct your mistakes and offer suggestions.

1. First, download the pdf.


3. Now prepare your own monologue on one of these themes:

  1. Technology in the classroom: Change for the better?
  2. City Life vs. Country Life: Which do you prefer?
  3. Alternative Medicine: Does it work?
  4. Organised Holidays vs. Independent Travel: Which is best?
  5. Online Security vs. Personal Freedom: Do we need Internet Policing?
  6. The environment: Are there reasons to be optimistic?
  7. Crime & Punishment: Tougher Sentences or more Social Education?
  8. Will Internet Shopping close down the High Street?
  9. What factors are important for choosing a job: What gives job satisfaction?
  10. Describe your Hometown: What are its good and bad points?

4. Finally, record your own monologue. Follow the instructions..

You cannot record on Android or Apple, only on Windows. However, you can record an MP3 file on your device and attach it to an email. Send it to contact@profesornativogratis.com , with your name and nationality. You will need Windows to listen to the recordings.

Record your Message!

1. ‘Allow’ the Microphone, record your monologue, then press ‘STOP’ (max. 4 minutes)

2. ‘Happy with this recording? Click here to save.’

3. Copy Sharing Code (example: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0H96….qhm) and paste it into the contact form.

4. Write your name and nationality, then click ‘SEND’.

5. It may take a day or two for me to listen, correct and put your monologue into the page.

Your Name and Nationality



Inma (Spain)
Thanks for your contribution, Inma!

Be careful with the grammar (‘have changed’ not ‘have changing’ / ‘On the internet’ better than ‘By the internet’ / ‘to visit’ not ‘for visit’*) and the pronunciation, especially ‘organised’ and ‘agency’.

On the plus side the structure was very good and you explained yourself very well. You didn’t get stuck in any part of the monologue. The end was a bit abrupt, maybe – I would have liked a conditional or future: ‘From now on I am sure I will use the internet most of the time.’

Para = TO + VERB, FOR + NOUN


Ben (Costa Rica)
I didn’t get a message, Ben – just two seconds of silence! Send me another one…