Song: ‘FEAR’

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This wonderful song by the singer of legendary Manchester band ‘The Stone Roses’ impresses with its lyrics. The whole song is a play on the word FEAR. Each line finds a variation on the spelling.

Before listening to the song, read the lyrics to see if you can guess the correct order in each of the sentences. Remember to double-click any word you don’t understand. After listening, press ‘START’ at the bottom of the page. Use this notebook to write your provisional answers:

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


(Questions 1 – 5) Insert one of these letters:
A) Remember, B) Religion, C) Reason, D) Road, E) Rule.

For each a  1)______
For every man, a   2)______
Find everybody and   3)_____
F***  everything and rumble
Forget everything and   4)_____
For everything a   5)_____
Forgive everybody and remember..

(Repeat Lines 1-6)

F – E – A – R (You’ve got the FEAR)

(Questions 1 – 5) Match the number with the letter:

6) Finding eternity                    F) amazing revelations
7) Freeing excellence               G) and reap
8) Fallen empires                      H) as revolution
9) Find earth                                I) arouses reactions
10) Fantastic expectations     J) are ruined
11) Final execution                   K) affects reality
12) Free expression                  L) and realizing
13) Finding everything            M) and resurrection

F – E – A – R (You’ve got the FEAR)



Now match each question with the correct letter.

Writing Activity

Now try to form sentences using these words. Adapt them, or add your own words if you prefer:

Foreign           end                    attack                  regret
Flowers           even                  achievement    right
Friendship     elephants       are                         real
Feelings          express             all                          repetition
Frustration    exceeds            a                            repenting
Free                   elevate             always                 return
Four                  exist                   almost                royalty
Fate                   elections         any                       reluctance
Fighting           everyone        apply                    relationships
Far                     enough            away                     respect

Now write Lyrics for your own song. Choose one of the words below and think of all the words related to it:

HOPE                   Happiness Often Produces Ecstasy

DREAMS            Destruction Rarely Exists Among My Students

PAST                    Promising Anything Seems Tiring

TIME                    There Is More Eternity

LOVE                    ……………………………..


Now write your song below, then Sing / Read / Rap your Lyrics with an instrumental version of the Song: