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Answer these phrases using ‘So…’ or ‘Neither….’


I can swim – “So can I!”
I don’t like carrots – “Neither do I!”
My sister is very beautiful – “So’s mine!”

Now it’s your turn:

1. She works in a bank

2. She doesn’t like her job

3. I saw her yesterday

4. We had dinner together

5. I didn’t eat much

6. I wasn’t hungry

7. My parents are going on holiday tomorrow

8. I hope they have a good time!

9. If it’s sunny, they’ll go to the beach

10. They really like swimming and sunbathing.

11. They won’t miss home for a week….

12. They haven’t had a holiday for ages!

13. I was on holiday two weeks ago

14. …but I didn’t go anywhere!

15. You always agree with me!!


  • You can change ‘Neither…’ in these sentences with ‘Nor…’, without changing the meaning.
  • ‘Neither’ is pronounced differently, depending on the region- sometimes it rhymes with ‘fever’ and sometimes with ‘fiver’. Both are correct.
  • It’s very common to hear ‘Me too’ or ‘Me neither’ which is easier, but only applicable to ‘I/me’.


(1.So does mine/2.Neither does mine/3.So did I/4.So did we/5.Neither did I/6.Neither was I/7.So are mine/8.So do I/9.So will mine/10.So do mine/11.Neither will mine/12.Neither have mine/13.So was I/14.Neither did I/15.So do you!)