Safety at Home, at School, and Outside

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Safety at home, at school, and outside.

Before watching the video, look at these words:

Pain                      Harm                    Aware                   Slip                  Scattered               Trip                Hurt                     Cotton                   Gadgets                Switch             Spark                    Poisonous              Reach             Rush

These words appear in the video (in order). Try to guess their meaning from context. Check to see if you are right by double-clicking on each word- Good luck!

Now match 1-10 with A-J. Click ‘Start’

1. You shouldn’t….                                                             A. …to switch off the gas after use.

2. The floors should be kept dry…                                  B. …before crossing.

3. It’s better to wear…                                                      C. …throw things at the other children.

4. Make sure…                                                                   D. …to touch switches or powerpoints with wet hands.

5. Remember not…                                                           E. …leave toys scattered on the floor.

6. At school do not….                                                         F. …cotton clothes while cooking.

7. In the playground…                                                      G. …you should use a swimming tube.

8. If you can’t swim very well…                                      H. …because someone could slip and hurt themselves.

9. If you’re not careful crossing the road…                    I. …you could have an accident.

10. Wait for the traffic to stop…                                      J. …wait until it’s your turn.

Safety at Home and at School

This video is an example of Indian English. You may notice some differences, for example with the prepositions or the use of ‘the’. Leave your comments below.