Safety: Kids Home Alone

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Safety Advice for Parents: Leaving Kids Home Alone

Watch the video, read the script, and fill in the gaps…
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Read the script, and fill in the gaps below:

Do you have an important meeting in your office today, or you are stuck in traffic for hours?
The safety of your kids is the first thing which (1.______) you. In this video we will tell you a few things that ensure your kid’s safety when he or she is home alone.
First things first- When is your child old (2._______) to stay home alone?
“Mum, you know, I’m old enough- leave me. I will have fun!”
Well, the answer is that it depends on his or her (3._______), judgement and comfort level, and obviously it varies from one kid to another. However, there are guidelines in various states about this and they are usually about 11 years and above.
The next important thing is to ensure help is accessible to them in case of any emergency or (4.______) case scenario.
“I know. Mum told me to call 911 if there’s some bad man out there.”
You can do it by making an emergency plan and (5._______) and rehearsing it with your kids.
It is also important to keep (6._______) of the kids when they come home from school or music classes by calling them:
“-Hey Alan, are you home now?”
-Yes mummy, I’ve just (7.________).”
Make their daily routine fix by alloting schedules for homework, snack time or resting.
It is suggested that you ask your kids not to respond to the (8._______) telephone calls and leaving them for the answer machine: (message)
He or she should not leave the home unattended until it’s (9.________) with you or if there’s any emergency. The next step is to ensure the safety of your kids at home is to check the workability of the various safety alarms like the fire alarm and (10._______) alarm at regular intervals.
Among all these steps, the most important thing is that your kid knows the basic First Aid procedures in case of minor (11._________):
“I have learnt the First Aid procedures at school, and daddy also played a First Aid game with me to let us be safe.”
You can rehearse steps to let him or her get used to it. Exercise the safety (12.________)- Stay Safe!

Fill in the words below- Do not use Capital Letters!

Advice for Parents: Kids Home Alone

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