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Profesor Nativo Gratis is a free English-teaching website for all levels. Learn English online with audio and video, reading articles and following the course. Get exercises in your email, read the articles from the best newspaper, send your questions and queries and practise with wordsearches, crosswords and questionnaires -all 100% free!


A Multimedia Course, starting from the most basic level. Each lesson has a video, downloadable pdf, listening and writing exercises, with notes and answers.

You can take a level Test  to check your level according to the CEFR* (A1: Beginner, A2: Elementary, B1: Pre-Intermediate, B2: Upper-Intermediate, C1: Advanced, C2: Proiciency) and select the material most suited for your ability.

*Common European Framework Reference (for languages)


Ask me any question you have about English, and I will answer – or just read other people’s queries!

Listen to Songs, Poems, Speeches, Scenes from television or cinema- authentic and realistic material, with exercises and comments, as well as practising your comprehension with the full range of Cambridge exams, from KET to Proficiency.

To ‘Read’ an article every day is an important step in improving your English. The articles are followed by questions to test your comprehension . There’s a variety of topics: Advice on looking for work and interviews, Tourism, Lifestyle, Art and Literature…..as well as sample Reading/Use of English tests for the Cambridge exams – with notes and answers.

But it’s not all work and study – sometimes you just need to Play! Crosswords, Wordsearches, Quizzes, Cooking and Detective Games – you’ll learn without realising it!

Learn is where I explain different aspects of English which may be difficult for learners: Grammar, Functions of Language, Oral and Written Expression, and with exercises – always practical, always as simple as possible!

Do you Teach English? You can download worksheets for your classes from a lot of the posts on this website. Just follow the instructions.

Everyone has a day where there’s no time to breathe! For those quick moments with a coffee or at the bus stop, choose a Mini-Class. 2-5 minutes, and something learnt, even on the busiest day!

Finally, if you know Spanish, you can read a variety of articles in my Blog. The History of the English Language, how and where to learn, cultural aspects of English-speaking countries – written in a light-hearted way.

There are three dictionary programmes available across the website:

  • Full Page Translation into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Galician, Basque and Catalan. The option is at the beginning of page
  • One word translation into Spanish: Double-click on any word you do not understand. Pronunciation with UK accent.
  • One word English-English definition with US pronunciation. Double-click any word.
  • There is also a dictionary in the bottom right-hand corner of the page where you can write any word for its definition.

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You don’t know what to do now? Why don’t you…..

….start from the beginning with the course?

….have a look at an article explaining some point of Grammar, Vocabulary or Use of English which you have always found difficult? You’ll find an easy, down-to-earth explanation – and you can put it into practice with exercises!

….choose an article from ‘The Guardian’, the UK’s best quality newspaper- What would you like to read about? Politics, Science, Travel, Business, Art, or stories of the famous and anonymous figures of our world. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try out a Cambridge exam?

…..improve your listening in the Audio Room?– discover classic songs, be inspired by the greatest orators or the best poetry, test yourself with a Cmbridge exam, or laugh at the funniest scenes on TV?

….do a quick test and choose from posts tailored to your level?

….spend two minutes learning something new? Choose from the list!

….follow me on Facebook or Twitter? Share material and news….