Homework: Past Simple Verbs

Past Simple Homework: Regular and Irregular Verbs

Usa la forma correcta de estos verbos:

leave – have – have -get:

“I _____ an awful day yesterday! I _____up late and so I didn’t _____ breakfast. When I _____ the house it was quarter to nine, and I start work at 9 o’clock!

tell – take – start – catch – have – explain – phone:

The car didn’t _____. I _____ an important meeting with some Japanese clients, so I didn’t _____ a bus – I _____ a taxi, which was expensive! The taxi driver _____ me to work and I _____ my boss about the car (I didn’t _____ that I got up late).

go – forget – meet – read – ask – watch:

We _____ our clients. First we _____ into the meeting room, I _____ a report, we _____ a video about our new products, but then one client _____ some questions about the quality and material, and I _____ the answers completely!

win – think – drink – take – eat – do – ask – sell:

Luckily, my boss _____ the answers. The Japanese _____ I was stupid (logical) and so they didn’t _____ me any more questions. Anyway, my boss _____ a wonderful job. She _____ the contract and _____ the products. Then I _____ the clients to a restaurant, where they _____ and _____ for more than an hour.

So, in the end everything ended fine, although my boss is going to kill me tomorrow!

See the answers at: http://profesornativogratis.com/psv5/