1. (see – go)
When I saw Samantha, she was going to work.

2. (cook* – prepare*)
While James was cooking, Sarah was preparing the table.

3. (look* – decide*)
First we looked at the hotel room, then we decided to stay.

4. (do – phone*)
What were you doing when I phoned you?

5. (rain* – leave)
It was raining when I left the office.

6. (open* – start*)
As the concert finished/was finishing, it started to rain.

7. (jump* – sleep)
A cat jumped on my lap while I was sleeping.

8. (go – not have)
They were going to help me, but in the end they didn’t have enough time.

9. (lose – do)
Did you lose your wallet when we were doing the shopping?

10. (not know – come)
I didn’t know you were coming to the party!

* = verbos regulares