Prueba de Nivel de Inglés

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Please note: This is not an official English exam and the test scores and levels are very approximate. Your score on this test cannot be used as proof of a formal language qualification. However, they can give you an idea of what level exam you should focus on, whether it is Cambridge, TOEFL, or Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI) or other official exams.



  • If you want to know exactly what is expected of you, and what you need to know, and the skills required (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) for each level (A1 – C2), have a look at the CEFR / GSE checklist.
  • You can see all the exams – with answers – here.
  • These are the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) Levels. Click to find the most appropriate material for your level.


A1 Beginner (Basic vocab, phrases, questions) Cambridge Movers (Children), Trinity Grade 1-2, TOEFL 8-12

A2 Elementary (Can communicate and understand simple aspects of everyday life) Cambridge KET, Trinity Grade 3-4, TOEFL 13-18

B1 Intermediate (Can communicate satisfactorily in common situations while travelling, studying, and explain past events and future plans) Cambridge PET, BEC Preliminary, Trinity Grade 5-6, IELTS 4-5, TOEFL 57-86

B2 Upper-Intermediate (Can use more complex and abstract ideas with some degree of fluency. Able to hold a normal conversation without effort) Cambridge First Certificate, BEC Vantage, Trinity Grade 7-9, IELTS 5.5-6.5, TOEFL 87-109

C1 Advanced (Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously for social, academic and professional purposes, without stopping to think very often) Cambridge Advanced, BEC Higher, Trinity Grade 10-12, IELTS 7-8, TOEFL 110-120

C2 Mastery (Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read, expressing oneself spontaneously, fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning) Cambridge Proficiency, IELTS 9

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