Answers: 3rd Person Singular (Present Simple)

The Answers to the Audio Exercises- Recuerda abrir un anuncio!

James Striker gets up at ten past eight.

1. He has orange juice and cereal.

2. He usually drives to the training ground, but sometimes the goalkeeper takes him in his car.

3. At the training ground, they play, run and jump to prepare for the next match

4. The coach talks about the rivals. They watch a video and plan their tactics.

5. When James finishes he goes home and has lunch. He usually eats chicken and rice and drinks water.

6. He doesn’t often go out in the evening.

7. He doesn’t like discos or restaurants, so he stays at home with his parents.

8. He always talks on the phone to his girlfriend, and goes to bed at half past ten.

The Answers to the Written Homework:

0. He usually plays football on Saturday and Sunday

1. He goes to the training ground

2. He has lunch with the (other = otros) players.

3. They go to the stadium (to play the match)

4. No, he doesn’t.

5. He feels good / He doesn’t feel nervous.

6. What do the players do at the training ground?

7. How do the players go (van) / get (llegan) to the stadium?

8. What does James do when he gets to the stadium?

9. Where does he sit in the stadium?

10. How many goals does he score (on average = de media)?

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