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PET Preliminary Listening Part 4 (for schools)

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Young students working on an assignment

Look at the three sentences for this part.

You will hear a conversation between a girl, Lucy, and a boy, Edward, about pocket money. Decide if each sentence is CORRECT or INCORRECT.

You will the conversation twice. When you finish, press ‘START’ and write the answers below.
Use this notebook to write your provisional answers:

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


YES or NO?

  1. At first, Edward thinks Lucy gets enough pocket money.

  2. Lucy’s friends get more pocket money than she does.

  3. Lucy is happy to pay for her own music.

  4. Edward understands why Lucy’s mother refuses to pay for housework.

  5. Lucy’s mother has promised her more pocket money next year.

  6. Edward thinks that Lucy should stop asking for more pocket money.



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