PET Listening Part 2 (for schools)

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Young students working on an assignment

Practise your Listening skills with this Preliminary English Test from Cambridge English, level B1 – with questions, notes and corrections.

You will hear part off a radio programme called ‘What’s on?’. For each question choose the best answer A, B or C. You will hear the recording twice. Answer in the box below. You will see notes and your final mark.

My advice:

  • Usually all three options are mentioned in the exercises. Read the question carefully to avoid confusions.
  • In some questions it is difficult to guess the correct answer. In this case, try to find out what the answer cannot be.

1. The competition this year is to find the best:
A) Actor
B) Dancer
C) Singer

2. You can enter the competition if you:
A) Send your entry by post
B) Live less than five miles from the city centre
C) Phone any time after Saturday

3. To find out more about the theatre group, you should phone:
A) The theatre
B) St. Paul’s School
C) The secretary of the group

4. What is different about the arrangements at the school hall this week?
A) The closing time is later than usual
B) It is not possible to hire the football pitch
C) All activities must be booked in advance

5. What information are we given about the new swimming pool?
A) It will open next month
B) It will be free for one month
C) It is bigger than the old one

6. What are we told about the rock group Switch ?
A) They were all born in Westfield
B) They all live in Westfield
C) They are doing two concerts in Westfield

Press ‘Start’ and choose A, B or C: