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PET Preliminary Listening Part 1

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Practise your English with this exercise: A sample Listening exam (Part 1) from Cambridge PET level B1 (Preliminary English Test) with Notes and Answers.

You will hear people talking in five different situations (In the exam there are seven). Choose the best answer A, B or C. You will hear the recording twice.

My advice:

  • Usually all three options are mentioned in the exercises. Read the question carefully to avoid confusions.
  • In some questions it is difficult to guess the correct answer. In this case, try to find out what the answer cannot be.

1. How can people travel today?
how can people travel today

2. What is the date of the wedding anniversary?
what is the date of the wedding anniversary

3. What musical instruments does the family have now?
what musical instruments does the family have now

4. What’s the weather like in the mountains?
whats the weather like in the mountains

5. How did the woman learn about the fire?
how did the woman hear about the fire

Press ‘Start’ and answer A, B or C:

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