Never Miss a Beat – The Kaiser Chiefs

Number 9 of 59 in A2 - ELEMENTARY

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This catchy guitar pop masterpiece is the best way to practise your Past Simple questions and answers, as well as discovering a great song!

Press ‘Start’ and finish the complete each line of the song with one of the options below:

Ex. What did you learn today? ANSWER: I learnt nothing.’ (1-F)
1. What did you do today?
2. What did you learn at school?
3. Why didn’t you go to school?
4. It’s cool….

A) I don´t know         –  E) to know nothing
B) I did nothing         –  F) I learnt nothing
C) I did not go            –  G) I didn´t do anything
D) I went to school   –  H) I didn´t learn anything

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


5. Television´s on the blink…
6. I really want a really big coat…
7. Why don’t you join the team?
8. What do you want for tea?

I) I just didn’t                           –  L) with words on it
J) They never miss a beat  –  M) I want crisps
K) and back here                   –  N) There’s nothing on it

NOTEPAD: Your ideas


Here comes the referee
My life´s __________
Best bit of the day
Now that´s _________
Why don´t you __________
Are you ____________?
What´s the golden rule?
To __________ nothing-
It´s cool to __________ nothing.

M)run away      –  P) living
N)say                   – Q) flashing
O)kidding         –  R) falling


NOTEPAD: Your ideas


Never Miss A Beat (Song)

Comprehension Exercise

1. Look at the dictionary definition of ‘miss’ and ‘beat’. How would you translate ‘Never miss a beat’ in Spanish?

miss- vt perder(train, etc.) errar, fallar(penalty, shot..) faltar(meeting) who´s missing? quien falta? echar en falta I miss him le echo de menos n tiro fallido.

beat- pt beat pp beaten
n latido(of heart) ritmo, compás(MUS) ronda(police)
vt batir(eggs) vencer, derrotar, sobrepasar. tocar(drum) marcar(rythym) golpear(hit) he was beaten up le han dado una paliza.
vi latir(of heart) beat it col. largarse that beats everything! eso es lo maximo!

2. What do these words and expressions mean?
-on the blink
-my life’s flashing
-are you kidding?

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