Minions Comparatives/Superlatives: Teachers’ pdf.

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I find that Comparatives and Superlatives are always a difficult topic – it takes the students quite a while to really get the idea and use them without problems. I know that there are a lot of worksheets and material, but I hope you’ll find this useful.

What I find useful is the idea of STan – if you make it clear that STan is the number 1 in everything; the best, the fastest, the most beautiful, the silliest, the slowest and the ugliest, they’ll get the idea. Then ERic and REbecca are always fighting it out between them. It helps them to remember the difference.

Just two things:

  1. I haven’t included anything in this worksheet about the double costonant in fatter/fattest, slimmer/slimmest, etc.
  2. You might need to elicit the opposite of the adjectives used (INTELLIGENT – SILLY, etc.) In this exercise I’ve used GOOD as the opposite of both BAD and NAUGHTY. You might want to mention BADDER and BADDEST – I’ll leave that up to you.
  3. Some of the answers are AS ____ AS

Pdf. Below!

Minions Comparatives and Superlatives .pdf