• Practise your Listening with Songs
  • Interviews, Speeches & Poems
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Functions: Tourism, Directions, Cooking….

Exam Preparation

*’For schools’ are exams which take into account teenagers’ interests (music, sports, school…), but have no difference of level compared with the conventional exams.

Cambridge KET: Part 1

Cambridge KET: Part 2 (for schools)

Cambridge PET: Part 1

Cambridge PET: Part 2 (for schools)

Cambridge PET: Part 3

Cambridge PET: Part 4 (for schools)

First Certificate: Part 1

First Certificate: Part 2

First Certificate: Part 3

First Certificate: Part 4 (for schools)

First Certificate Listening (Complete)

Cambridge Advanced: Part 1

Cambridge Advanced: Part 2

Cambridge Advanced: Part 3 – Comedian

Cambridge Advanced Part 3 – Journalism

Cambridge Advanced: Part 4 – Courses

Cambridge Proficiency: Part 1

Cambridge Proficiency: Part 2


The Beatles – ‘Penny Lane’

David Bowie – ‘Heroes’

Disney’s Frozen – ‘Let It Go’

One Direction – ‘The Story of My Life’

The Crystals – ‘And Then He Kissed Me’

Rolling Stones – ‘Paint it Black’

Ian Brown – ‘FEAR’

Fool’s Garden – ‘Lemon Tree’

U2 – ‘Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For’

Linkin Park – ‘Final Masquerade’ 

The Temptations – ‘My Girl’

Doris Day – ‘Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be)’

Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Never Miss a Beat’

Cat Stevens/Boyzone – ‘Father and Son’

Michael Buble – ‘Haven´t met you yet’

The Muppets – ‘It Feels like Christmas’


Accents and Pronunciation

Video: Los Sonidos más Difíciles

Pronunciation: Difficult Words

Pronunciation: Difficult Sounds

Pronunciation: The ‘Schwa’

Pronunciation: Joining Words

Accents Worldwide (words)

Accents Worldwide (conversation)



5 Walking Routes in London

Surfing Etiquette: What to do on the water

UK Business Culture and Etiquette

Leaving your Kids Home Alone

Children’s Safety at Home, School and Outside

Recipe: Britain’s famous Yorkshire Pudding


Tourism, Travel and Culture

A Brief History of the English Language

Canterbury: Past and Present

Practical Advice for Travellers to London

Walking Holidays in Cornwall

A Journey to Varanasi- India’s Holiest City


Interviews and Conversations

Princess Diana’s BBC interview

Interview with Steve Jobs

Chat Show: UK vs. US Culture

Comedy: Hotel Complaint

10 Most Common Interview Questions

A couple’s conversation about tuna

Monty Python’s Pet Shop Scene

Christmas Day 1914: Peace in War



John F Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

The Pardoner’s Tale, from ‘The Canterbury Tales’

Martin Luther King’s Last Prophetic Speech

Great Orators: Churchill vs. Luther King

‘Stay Foolish’ Steve Jobs’ Most Famous Speech



Percy Shelley ‘Ozymandias’

George the Poet ‘My City’

Philip Larkin ‘Aubade’

The War Poets 1914-18