Respuestas: Used to and Object Pronouns

Respuestas: Used to and Object Pronouns

Las respuestas del Audio son:


Y las respuestas al ejercicio escrito:

‘Colonel!’ I said ‘This man was climbing into your garden.’

‘It’s true!’ Charlotte said ‘We saw (1) HIM.’

The colonel looked at (2) US and laughed. The other man laughed too. ‘This is my son, Mark’ the Colonel said. Then he asked his son ‘What were you doing? Why didn’t you (3) CALL ME?’

‘It was a surprise.’ Mark said. ‘Mum (4) SENT ME A LETTER asking me to come for your birthday.

‘(5) WHO TOLD YOU to come?’ The Colonel asked. He (6) DIDN’T HEAR/DIDN’T USE TO* hear very well, because his hearing was damaged in the war.

We were very surprised, but the colonel and Mark were happy. They (7) INVITED US to their house and they (8) GAVE US SOME CHOCOLATE CAKE/GAVE SOME CHOCOLATE CAKE TO US**, and some biscuits and orange juice.

‘(9) WHO SHOUTED*** at us?’ asked Charlotte.

‘It was me!’ said the Colonel. ‘I didn’t see you or your brother, but (10) I SAW HIM when he was climbing the apple tree.’ He pointed at me ‘I thought he was stealing the apples.’

‘Oh no!’ We said ‘We never do that!’

…and everybody laughed!

(*DIDN’T HEAR refiere a ese momento DIDN’T USE TO HEAR refiere en toda esa epoca, y daría la sensacíon que el coronel o esta muerto o se ha curado. Los dos respuestas valdrían.

**Suena mejor el primero porque se usa más, aunque el segundo no es incorrecto

***WHO WAS SHOUTING es correcto gramaticamente, pero no adecuado para este contexto, porque solo se gritó una vez)