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Use of English

Use of English:

Grammar, Vocabulary and Functions


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Tenses and Structures

Tense Revision – How to use the Verb Table

Irregular Verb Groups + Test

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Modal Verbs

Modals in the Past

Expressing the Future

Reported (Indirect) Speech

The Passive

Conditionals: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Mixed

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Relative Clauses (Defining/Non-defining)


More 3-minute grammar exercises and mini-classes below!


Typical Mistakes and Confusions

Gerunds and Infinitives: ‘to….’ or ‘….ing’?

‘Coger’: Pick up, Catch, Take or Get?

Say or Tell, Speak or Talk?

Make or Do?

When to use As, Like y How for ‘Como’  

How to use ‘Get’

When to use ‘Meet’ or ‘Know’ for ‘Conocer

(Un)countables: Some, Many, Few, A lot, Any…

Verb / Noun / Adjective + Preposition


More 3-minute grammar exercises and mini-classes below!

Areas of Vocabulary

Daily Routine

Jobs and Personality Adjectives

UK Political System

Cooking Cornish Pasties

Healthy Eating

Describing Animals

Money and Finance

Business English Level Test


More 3-minute grammar exercises and mini-classes below!

How to Talk

Suggesting and Making Plans

Agreeing and Disagreeing

Offering and Asking

Speaking Exams and Presentations (with Practice)


More 3-minute function lessons and mini-classes below!


Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs of Movement

Phrasal Verb Story

Phrasal Verb Stories

Special Days

Phrasal Verb Rap (‘…up’)

Steve Jobs Speech with Phrasal Verbs

Money and Finance


More 3-minute exercises and mini-lessons below!

How to Write

Writing Exam Practice

7 Techniques for Better Writing

Argumentative Compositions

Describing People and Places

Formal Letters

How to write a CV

IELTS Writing Task 2


More 3-minute exercises and mini-lessons below!


Cambridge Exam Practice

*’For schools’ are exams which take into account teenagers’ interests (music, sports, school…). There is no difference of level compared with the conventional exams.

KET Complete Reading/Writing Paper

PET Writing Part 1

Cambridge Preliminary Part 1

PET Reading Part 1

PET Reading Part 1 (for schools)

PET Reading Part 2 (for schools)

PET Reading Part 2

PET Reading Part 3

PET Reading Part 4 (for schools)

PET Reading Part 5 

First Certificate Use of English Part 1

First Certificate Use of English Part 2

First Certificate Use of English Part 3

First Certificate Use of English Part 3 (for schools) 

First Certificate Use of English Part 4

First Certificate Reading Part 5

First Certificate Reading Part 6 (for schools)

First Certificate Reading Part 7

First Certificate Reading/Writing Example Exam

First Certificate: 100 Transformation Sentences

Advanced Use of English Part 1

Advanced Use of English Part 2

Proficiency Use of English Part 1

Proficiency Use of English Part 2

Proficiency Vocabulary Exercises


The full list of 3-minute lessons:


Verbs and Tenses

Be/Do Practice Quiz

See, Look and Watch

Wait, Hope, Expect (Esperar)

La Voz Pasiva

Cuento de Navidad (Pasiva)

Will vs. Going to

Future Expressions

Must(n’t) and Don’t have to

Indirect Commands and Instructions

Body Verbs

Be / Get / Used to

Embedded and Indirect Questions 

‘-EN-‘ as Prefix/Suffix

Verbs that look like nouns

Modals in the Past

‘Importar’ in English

Verb + Preposition

1st/2nd/3rd Conditional


Nouns and Vocabulary

Irregular Plurals

School Subjects

Houses and Furniture

In the City

Job Wordsearch

Job vs. Work

False Friends

Crime and Criminals

Relatives and Family Members

The Weather

UK vs US English

Nombres Celebres Traducidos


Functions and Expressions

New Year (Questions + Poem)

Telephone Calls

Mobile English Abbreviations

Everyday Expressions 1

Everyday Expressions 2

Phrases for Tourists

At the Doctor’s

‘Wh-‘ and ‘How’ Questions

Tag Questions

Quick Spelling Test


Adjectives and Descriptions

Guess Who?


Dubai: Comparative or Superlative?

The + Comparative, the + comparative

Superlative Quiz

Comparative/Superlative Opposites

Personality Adjectives

Opposite Adjectives

‘-ed’ or ‘-ing’ Adjectives

Adjective + Preposition


Other Structures and Grammar

Linkers and Connectors

So or Such?

Relative Clauses (who, which, whose..)

Still, Yet, Already & Just

So, Neither & Nor


Genitivo Sajon: ¿Sí o No?

Object Pronouns

At, In and On (Space)

At, On and In (Time)

Common Mistakes: They’re,Their,There – It’s,Its – Your,You’re

Punctuation: Colons ( : ), Semi-colons ( ; ) and Dashes ( – )