Answers: Conditionals

These are the answers- The Answers to the Listening are at the bottom. If you have come from the written section on Conditionals, have a look at the videotutorial and do the listening exercise…

1.If he heard anything, he´d (= he would) tell you.

2.If Manuel doesn´t speak English, you will have problems in India.
(¿Te acordaste de poner el ‘-s’ de la tercera persona?)

3.You would have had problems in India if Manuel hadn´t spoken English.

4.We would have been late if Stephen had driven!

5.I would get rid of dog poo if I were Mayor!
(Y si! me gustan los perros- no lo digo por eso)

6.If there had been a solar eclipse, the sky would have darkened.

7.Molly won´t go out if she has to study for exams.

8.If you hadn´t started early, you wouldn´t have had enough time to finish.



1.If you were an animal, what (which) animal would you be?

2.What will you do if it doesn´t rain tomorrow?  (Aquí puedes contestar usando ‘might’ en lugar de ‘will’  = tal vez….)

3.If you knew what you know now, would you have paid more attention in English lessons?

4.What advice would you give yourself if you were your mother?

5.Where will you travel when you speak English fluently?   (con todo fluidez = fluently)

6.If you had been born a girl/boy, would your life have been easier?

7.If you had married your first love, would you still be together? (¡¡¡que cotilla!!!)

8.Tell me something (that) would have changed your life if you had done it in the past.
(nota que en Español escribí dos veces ‘hubiera’ y suena bien- en Inglés eso no puede ser)


¿Y el ejercicio 3? ¿Como hacemos?

No worries!! Manda las respuestas a la casilla de comentarios en la base de la página de ‘Learn’, y te los corrigirré.

Los Condicionales

Y ahora, Las Respuestas del Listening (para los que no han hecho el Listening en el curso: )

Track 1: “Even if I HAD WANTED you to stay, it WOULDN’T HAVE changed anything.” (3rd Cond.)
Track 2: “If I GET locked up tonight, I MIGHT NOT COME home tonight.” (1st Cond.)
Track 3: “If I CAN’T HAVE  you, I DON’T WANT nobody baby.” (Zero Cond.)
Track 4: “But hey, where have you been? If you GO , I WILL surely die.” (1st Cond.)
Track 5: “If you DON’T KNOW me by now, you WILL never never never KNOW me.” (1st Cond.)
Track 6: “If I KNEW you were coming I WOULD HAVE baked a cake.” (Mixed Cond.)
Track 7: “If I WERE a boy I think I WOULD understand how it feels to love a girl – I swear I’D BE  a better man. I’D LISTEN to her, ’cause I know how it hurts..” (2nd Cond.)
Track 8: “If you LEAVE me now, you’LL TAKE away the biggest part of me. Oh, baby – please don’t go!” (1st Cond.)
Track 9: “(I) never WOULD HAVE hitchhiked to Birmingham if it HADN’T BEEN for love. (I) never WOULD HAVE CAUGHT the train to Louisiana, if it HADN’T BEEN for love.” (3rd Cond.)