• In the UK there are both ‘chips’ (Thick, generally cut from potatoes – traditionally British and typical of ‘Fish & Chips’ cafés and takeaways) and ‘fries’ (Thin and long, often made from a compound of ingredients – typically American -available in fast food restaurants).
  • In the UK a cookie only refers to the ones with the bits of chocolate. For everything else – ‘biscuit’.
  • When an American talks about the ‘holidays’, he is generally referring to the period from Thanksgiving to New Year.
  • I have been told that ‘boot’ is also used in some parts of the USA to describe the rear part of the car (where you put your suitcases), although ‘trunk’ is much more common.
  • ‘Shop’ is also used in the USA to mean ‘small store’.
  • ‘Football’ in the USA is a completely different sport. In Britiain this is known as ‘American football’.
  • A ‘Yard’ in refers to a space outside a house similar to a patio, but surrounded by buildings.