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m n b s h o p k e e p e r c a t
v t d u j p l w e r f r t k h i
r c e f i r e m a n r o a s o c
k x k a h l q q j e l t x t u h
h d o r c g d w d i g y i u s a
t n i m f h u e p o a l d d e s
c v u e b a e j r w c u r e w t
t y u r n z p r a e a i i n i r
x i p o s t m a n z o v v t f o
x e t m g e d s s k l p e r e n
p o l i c e o f f i c e r t x a


S/he goes to school every day, but doesn´t learn anything!          

S/he wears a uniform, watches traffic and catches criminals.        

This person rescues cats in trees, and sometimes stops fires.      

S/he doesn´t have holidays, but works all year, driving, feeding….

This person sells food, clothes, toys……                        

S/he isn´t a doctor, but s/he works in a hospital.  

S/he builds a house, but then s/he doesn´t live there.            

This person takes letters to people´s houses.                      

S/he takes people in a car to hospital, to the station, …….    

S/he flies, but hasn´t got any wings.                      

She hasn´t got a job, but works very hard!                        

A doctor who looks after animals                                  

His/her job is to learn. Less complaining and more concentration!  







(teacher/police officer/fireman/farmer/shopkeeper/nurse/builder/postman/taxi driver/pilot/housewife/vet/student)