Homework: Past of ‘BE’

Homework: Past of ‘BE’

Has visto un robo mientras tomabas un café. La policia te esta preguntando. Rellena los huecos con ‘WAS’ or ‘WERE’. Recuerda pinchar cualquier palabra dos veces para saber su significado o pronunciación.

Pickpocket = Carterista
On (his/her/my/your) own = Solo
Hide = Esconderse

POLICE: Who _______ you with when you saw the pickpocket?

YOU: I ______ with my two of my friends.

POLICE: Where _____ you all exactly?

YOU: We ______ outside the café, on the terrace.

POLICE: ______ there other people on the terrace?

YOU: Yes, there _____ a man on his own – he ______ reading a newspaper – and a man and a woman at another table. They _____ having a coffee and talking.

POLICE: What _____ the man like – Can you describe him?

YOU: Yes, he _____ short and blonde.

POLICE: You say he _____ the pickpocket?

YOU: Yes, because the man and woman _____ talking, and he _____ looking at the woman’s bag, but he _____ hiding behind the newspaper!

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