For Teachers: Halloween Pairwork

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What monster are you? Students’ Pairwork

If you are a teacher, this class will be sure to work for your Halloween classes for lower level students. It’s a good way to practise adverbs of frequency (always, usually, often, sometimes…) and ‘Do you…?’ questions.

This is a lesson plan (suggestion only):

  1. Make sure students know their adverbs of frequency. Remind them that ‘Do you….?’ is a general question.
  2. Explain that they have a monster inside, and that we will discover what monster each student really is.
  3. Put the students into pairs. Give one person of each pair the ‘STUDENT A’ sheet, and the other ‘STUDENT B’. They have to ask each other the questions and mark YES or NO on the sheet.
  4. When they have finished, they must mark one point for each of the YES answers in the four groups.
  5. Each group represents one monster. If they score most points for one group, then that is their monster.