Halloween Class: Witches House Game

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Liven up your classes with this FREE DOWNLOAD of a great game for Halloween, or all year round. Practise prepositions (on, above, behind…) and vocabulary related to houses and furniture.

Lesson plan:

  1. Divide students into two rival teams, A and B. For larger groups you can arrange 3 or 4 individual matches.
  2. Give each team a photocopy. They cut out the spider, and – hidden from the other team – glue it in a place on the picture. If there is any doubt about its exact location, they should write it on the sheet (‘The spider is on the hook’).
  3. The game is very simple. The first team to find the location of the other team’s spider wins. In turns, they must ask the rivals a YES/NO picture: ‘Is your spider upstairs?’ ‘Is it on something?’ ‘Is it touching the floor?’
  4. You can change the rules slightly for the second round (the hat). If one team gets it right, they can carry on asking questions until the other team answers NO.