Say, Tell, Speak, Talk: Homework

Homework: Tell vs Say, Talk vs Speak


Pincha en cualquier palabra dos veces.
Click twice on any word.
Use SAY, TELL, SPEAK or TELL in the right tense:

1. I got to church late- The priest _______________ already _________________ when I arrived.

2. What ______________ you ________________ to John- He was laughing for ages!

3. I phoned Mary last week for the first time in years- We ____________ ______________ for hours.

4. Sarah’s really funny- She’s always ________________ these great stories.

5. I don’t ______________ French very well, so everybody ____________ in English during the meeting.

6. We haven’t _____________ _____________ where to get the tickets. Ask that man there.

7. My mum ____________ me to clean the car, so here I am!

8. Who did you ______________? Everybody’s ________________ about it now!

9. I’m going to a conference tomorrow- I have to _______________ about Special Needs Learning.

10. Who _______________ that? You have all been ___________ to be quiet!

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