Answers: Get

How to use ‘Get’: Answers

Change ‘get’ for a different word in these sentences:

1. I didn’t really get what the teacher was saying. = UNDERSTAND
2. What time are you going to get home? = ARRIVE
3. Every time England loses a football match I get annoyed. = BECOME
4. I didn’t have the key, but I managed to get in through the window. = GO IN/CLIMB IN/ENTER
5. I must go! I have to get the bus. = CATCH/TAKE
6. Where do you get your bread? = BUY
7. It’s my turn to get dinner tonight. = COOK/PREPARE
8. He decided not to get on the plane and to stay with Rebeca. = ENTER/GO ON

Now read the situation and use a phrase with ‘get’:

a) The alarm clock goes off! It’s time to GET UP
b) You decide to go down to the bar to GET BREAKFAST
c) You wait at the bus stop. When the bus comes, you GET ON
d) You see the Maths teacher. You stop for a chat because you GET ON WELL
e) The kids go quiet when you walk in. What are they GETTING UP TO?
f) Maria is clever and always pays attention. She’s sure to GET GOOD MARKS/GET AHEAD
g) A student is sitting on the table. You tell him to GET OFF
h) A student yawns (bosteza) in your class. He’s GETTING TIRED/BORED
i) You´ve finished! The Maths teacher opens his car door and you GET IN
j) You’re home. You leave the homework in your bag. You’ll mark the papers when you GET AROUND TO IT.